Monday, October 4, 2010

Nerdforce Armory Opening!

UPDATE! November 20, 2010:
Hey guys I want to thank all my twitter
followers! So far we have 111 twitter followers!
Your support is amazing we are very excited about our giveaway! Our etsy account is under construction
but we will be updated in time for Holiday shopping!
Hey thanks for visiting my blog! Nerdforce Armory builds lightsabers and specializes in custom orders. We are not only here to provide lightsaber information and sell our goods but also to meet cool people. We have a variety of interests of the nerd variety from comic books, gaming to cosplay. We will also hook you up with awesome giveaway news, and hopefully we will hold our own giveaway soon. Once we reach 300 GFC blog followers or 500 Facebook friends or a 1000 twitter followers we will giveaway one of our lightsabers. More details about this giveaway will be posted once we reach our goal. If you want a chance to win a lightsaber follow us and tell your friends! All of the items you see here on my page are for sale on etsy so please check it out and leave me some feedback.You know you want to make a purchase! Feel free to message or E-mail me with any questions at nerdforcearmory(at)yahoo(dot)com. Below is our shop's link, we are a work in progress still, so please bear with us.